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you’re always made up


you’re always made up

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there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you and it took me a long time to realise that

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The Last Billboard

A 36-foot-long billboard located at the corner of Highland and Baum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every month, a different individual is invited to take over the billboard to broadcast personalized messages, which are spelt out using wooden letters that are changed by hand. 

you can follow its tumblr here. 

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Nina Katchadourian

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[new text message/ 3:16 am]
I just drove 16 hours. I need to see you.

[new text message/ 2:09 am]
I’m drunk and I know I told you I didn’t want this anymore. But I want it. I want you. I’m sorry.

[new text message/ 12:13 pm]
Maybe if I could kiss you one more time everything would be alright.

[new text message/ 8:07 am]
Fuck. I shouldn’t have let you go.

[new text message/ 4:02 am]
Are you up? I miss you.

[new text message/ 4:05 am]
A lot.

[new text message/ 5:16 pm]
I saw something that reminded me of you and my throat caught fire.

[new text message/ 12:22 am]
I wish you were here.

[new text message/ 3:17 am]
I need you. Please call me back.

9 texts I wish you’d send me even though I know I’ll probably never hear from you again (via extrasad)

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Leave me, Andre Elliott

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"nobody likes you" that’s a lie there are several animals i’ve petted in my lifetime and i’m sure they appreciated it and remember me fondly

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"i wish i had a british accent"

ah yes, the british accentimage

the singular british accent

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9,995 notes "For you, a thousand times over."
Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner (via choichan)

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